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I was relating the story of why I started this business to a client recently.

The original aim of learning how to convert media was so that I could convert all of my old kids records (Noddy, Famous Five, Uncle Clackie, etc) to discs so that my kids could listen to them one day when they were old enough. I remembered sitting on my lounge flour with the headphones on and the LP playing and, while times have changed, I wanted a similar sense of magic for my kids. Once I was done with my learning curve (several failures and successes later), I realised that there might be other people who wanted to back up their LP's and cassettes too. Soon enough I had a large number of clients who were able to hear their precious music and stories again. And that has continued to this day. The video side has a far higher demand, but I still get clients bringing those treasured tunes to me to put onto a disc or flash drive. Feels good to allow the past to live again.